Webinar | May 26 @ 11 AM PDT | 2 PM EDT  

New Report Highlights Digital Acceleration in Financial Services Is Creating Application Cyber Risks

Speakers: Patrick Crabtree, David Lindner, Erik Costlow, Patrick Spencer


Patrick Crabtree, Application Security Engineer, GuidePoint Security
David Lindner, CISO, Contrast Security
Erik Costlow, Director, Developer Relations, Contrast Security

Patrick Spencer, Ph.D., Editor in Chief, Inside AppSec Podcast

Almost ¾ of financial services firms are traveling at DevOps speed—releasing code multiple times per day or with every change. But only 25% of security teams are able to review and pass all alerts back to their development teams—a big security gap that must be closed.

Contrast’s 2021 State of Financial Services and DevSecOps Report highlights these and other trends that application security and development leaders and practitioners need to know to effectively and securely embrace Agile and DevOps.

Attend this webinar to learn: 

  • How well application security and development teams are collaborating
  • What percentage of application vulnerabilities are prioritized for remediation
    How compliance and risk are shaping financial services and DevSecOps
  • How much time is spent running security scans and triaging and diagnosing alerts
  • How often financial services firms’ applications are successfully exploited
  • If DevSecOps outcomes are affected by company size, number of applications in development, who is responsible for AppSec, etc.
  • And much more …



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