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Why Interactive Security Analysis for Go Applications Is Needed

Speakers: Sourabh Katti,Benji Vesterby, Erik Costlow


Sourabh Katti, Product Manager, Contrast Security

Benji Vesterby, Principal Engineer, Contrast Security
Erik Costlow, Director of Developer Relations, Contrast Security

Learn how Contrast can help application security teams improve the security of Go applications with the industry’s first interactive application security analyzer for the Go language.

The addition of the Contrast Go agent to the Contrast Application Security Platform provides an automated method of detecting critical security vulnerabilities in Go-based code—without false positives that cause workflow bottlenecks.

This webinar looks at how Contrast can help organizations improve testing and protection of their Golang projects. Watch the on-demand webinar to learn …

  • Where Go fits into software and why development teams choose it
  • How security analyzers focus on simplifying any gaps or discussions between software teams
  • The difference between composition analysis (dependencies) and integrated analysis (custom vulnerabilities)
  • How to use interactive application security testing (IAST) in the software development life cycle
  • How integrated analyzers work in different software languages
  • And more …




On-Demand Webinar