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Contrast Security、OWASP Global AppSec APAC 2022に登壇

By Contrast Security Japan

8月 19, 2022

Contrast Security、OWASP Global AppSec APAC 2022に登壇

Contrast Securityは、アプリケーションセキュリティの推進で広く知られているOWASPが主催する「OWASP Global AppSec APAC Conference 2022」に登壇します。
本カンファレンスにおいて、Contrast CTOのJeff WilliamsとContrast Security Japanの梶原史雄が講演することが決定しています。詳細は下記をご覧ください。


Contrast Security 講演セッション: 
 梶原 史雄(Contrast Security Japan セールスエンジニア)

「Security Observability 101: Thinking Inside the Box!」(英語講演)
 Jeff Williams (Contrast Security 創業者兼CTO)
Software is incredibly hard to secure because it's a black box. We've spent decades struggling to verify properties of software from the outside by analyzing the source code, scanning, fuzzing, pentesting, etc... The goal of "security observability" is to expose exactly what's going on inside the box while it's running. Analyzing a running application has speed, accuracy, coverage, and scalability advantages that change the way Dev, Sec, and Ops communicate and work together. In this talk, you'll learn how to use the free and open source Java Observability Toolkit (JOT) project to easily create your own powerful "inside out" security tests without coding. You can use JOT to analyze security defenses, identify complex vulnerabilities, create custom sandboxes, and enforce policy at runtime. Ultimately, security observability enables DevSecOps to work together in harmony, so you can focus on delivering value at high velocity.


OWASP Global AppSec APAC 2022イベントの詳細は、下記公式ページをご覧ください。

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