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Application Security for
Small & Mid-Market businesses

Ship great software, let Contrast worry about security.
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The only App Sec platform to empower developers.

Contrast extends its next-gen application security platform to SMB and mid-market businesses.
  • For Security
  • A single, end-to-end platform to instantly find & fix application security bugs & protect against cyber attacks across all your apps, third party libraries and the whole SDLC.

    Empower your developers to ship great, secure software. Empower DevOps teams to secure containers where they matter and deploy with confidence.

  • For CTOs and VPs of Engineering
  • Unblock your engineering and operations teams and ship on time with confidence with product security built into your pipeline out of the box:

    Contrast Assess (IAST)
    Find and fix vulnerabilities
    at the speed of DevOps.
    Contrast Protect (RASP)
    See and stop
    attacks everywhere.
    Contrast won, again!
    Learn why Gartner has Contrast Security 
    as a top DevOps security tool.

    How Contrast Security works.

    Imagine an APM, but for security. We use patented, state-of-the-art deep security instrumentation to secure applications from the inside out.
    Deploy once, get access to all our features, secure forever, wherever.

    What our clients are saying.

    “I enjoy the transparency between teams and the collaborative exchange of ideas and the ability to make a true impact. Life isn’t monotonous at Contrast and the constant moving and shaking is one of the reasons I want to stay here.”
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    Here’s why Contrast is the market leader.

    Single agent, single dashboard - full functionality, installs in minutes
    Need point solutions for testing, runtime protection, open source security and application inventory
    Continuous, always on
    Point in time
    Accurate - Sees the full runtime environment
    Many false positives - makes assumptions
    Faster - no scanning required
    Static and dynamic tools require scans and slows down development cycle

    Not ready just yet? Curious about our tech?

    Find out how a financial services company weaved security into their Agile and DevOps process with the Contrast Platform.
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