Contrast Protect

Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) Solution

Monitoring and Protection
for Cloud Applications

Continuous, Accurate, Automated and Scalable Protection

See into your application and protect it like never before.

Unmatched Visibility and Content

X-ray Vision into the Application and User Behaviors

By being within the application itself, Contrast gives you visibility into the application like never before and provides actionable and timely application layer threat intelligence across the entire application.

Contrast Security's unique patented instrumentation enables our agent to perform attack detection and response with more insight, at a deeper level than other solutions. By using Runtime Exploit Prevention, a seven-step approach that is more robust and comprehensive. Contrast improves the likelihood of blocking zero-day attacks and detecting probe attempts.

Application Intelligence

Monitor Security like Performance

Contrast provides Exploitability Analysis to tell what was an effective attack and what was just an ineffective probe.

Contrast Protect standard attack and event logging provides unprecedented clarity, actionable and timely threat intelligence across the application portfolio. Our Log Enhancer gives you the ability to add custom logging directly through our UI without writing code or restarting the app.

Contrast seamlessly integrates into any existing monitoring infrastructure.

Smart Response and Rapid Zero Day Protection

Block only when needed, instantly patches for zero days

In the event of zero-day attacks, Contrast Protect virtual patching capabilities enable a rapid response to all affected applications. Administrators can quickly create and deploy virtual patches within seconds. Contrast can standardize protection to zero days within hours.

In addition, Contrast Lab offers instant guidance and quick product updates that can be effortlessly scaled to the entire application portfolio.

Security Anywhere

Scalable Protection, Cloud and on-premises

With Contrast Protect, applications are protected regardless of where they reside. Contrast is embedded within the application, enabling the security measures to follow the application wherever it is deployed. No additional work is required to move or scale Contrast along with the application. And, no network configuration changes or new solutions are needed when migrating applications to the cloud or within the cloud.



Discover how Contrast Protect uses a unique patented instrumentation enables our agent to perform attack detection & response with more insight, at a deeper level than other solutions. Learn our seven-step approach that is more robust and comprehensive to improve the likelihood of blocking zero-day attacks and detecting probe attempts.

What You Get with Contrast Protect

Leveraging patented deep security instrumentation makes Contrast the most accurate, fastest and scalable application security solution. Protect works well with legacy, containerized or cloud-based applications, ensuring:



Unlike WAF and IPS solutions, no network configuration is necessary. Contrast Protect (with RASP) doesn’t need to “learn” applications – instead it becomes part of them. And, unlike other Runtime Application Self Protection solutions, Contrast does not require any changes to applications or the runtime environment.


Regardless of whether applications are accessed via browsers, mobile clients, thick clients or desktop applications, Contrast Protect ensures attacks are detected, stopped and logged. Contrast works perfectly with web applications, in containers, frameworks, in the cloud, web services, and APIs.


As Contrast Protect becomes part of the application, it scales as your application scales. Every application now protects itself constantly and therefore removes the bottlenecks caused by legacy security appliances.


Even under the heaviest attack load, Contrast Protect provides sub-millisecond protection. Because protection is infused directly into the applications themselves, there is no faster way to enforce security policy.

Here’s what our clients are saying

"It is absolutely essential. If you don’t do it continuously (application security) you are always running behind." READ STORY >>
Tim Chase
Director of Application Security, Nielsen
You have to introduce security at the beginning (SDLC). It is a waste of money to introduce security as a last minute 'kicking of the tires.' Security has to be from the bottom up." 
John Scarborough
Director of Test, Harman International
“As we host new applications on AWS, we can launch these applications using automated pipeline strengthened by Contrast Security controls with out-of-box attack protection in a cost-effective way and with almost no tuning and minimal management.”
Global Fortune 100 Insurance Firm
Senior Manager - Global Application Security

Self-Protecting Applications. Protect your Company.

Speed Up Development, Don't Hold it Up. Application security has long been split between development, where testing is crucial, and operations, where protection is paramount. Contrast Protect monitors and protects in real-time from inside the application, so developers get actionable, code-level details about attacks.
Application Security at the Speed of DevOps. Contrast Protect operates within the application, moving and scaling with it, always aware of application context to provide accurate attack visibility. And, it's more accurate than legacy solutions, blocking cyberattacks without accidentally stopping legitimate business.
Application Security Visibility, Protection and Automation. Contrast Protect adds missing security controls into applications to monitor and protect applications continuously in production. Contrast integrates into your toolchain, putting security insights into your hands via SIEM integration, chatops and other channels.

Assessing applications is complex, but Contrast makes it easy.

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