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Continuous Application Security Has Finally Arrived

Empower applications to automatically and accurately self-report vulnerabilities and attacks, and defend themselves


Spend More Time Building Great Software and Less Time Securing It.

Software vulnerabilities have led to high-impact, high-profile data breaches around the world, making applications the leading source of successful data breaches. Contrast Enterprise automatically infuses security expertise into applications. So development, test and operations teams get secure applications that are protected from attacks.


Identify Vulnerabilities at the Speed of DevOps

Traditional approaches like manual code reviews, Static Application Security Testing (SAST), Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) and Web Application Firewalls (WAF) require teams of experts and are woefully inaccurate. Contrast Enterprise instantly and accurately identifies vulnerabilities during development and attacks in production, enabling businesses to deploy secure, self-protecting applications at the speed of DevOps.


Seamlessly Protect Applications as They Move into Production

The same Contrast agent that detects vulnerabilities in development automatically blocks attacks targeting production applications. Contrast Enterprise stops the most common attacks, and newly emergent attacks, and provides CVE shields that harden open-source libraries against known attack vectors.


Application Context Yields Unparalleled Accuracy

Contrast Enterprise leverages patented Deep Security Instrumentation to capture application security context, and act on it, to identify vulnerabilities and block attacks with unparalleled accuracy. Accuracy dramatically reduces the need for experts and enables Contrast Enterprise to be the leader when run on the OWASP Benchmark Project.  Learn more >>


Scale Security Testing Across The Entire Portfolio

Scalable, automated and accurate, Contrast Enterprise distributes application security testing to all applications in the organization, both internal and external. Contrast Enterprise is built for modern application architectures (APIs, cloud, hybrid, containers) and high-speed development (agile, DevOps, continuous).


Deep Security Instrumentation

Deployed onto an application server, the Contrast agent embeds application security expertise into all applications on the server using patented Deep Security Instrumentation. This approach enables applications to instantly report precisely where they are vulnerable and to defend themselves against attacks. Contrast Enterprise:

  • Requires No Code changes
  • Deploys in 60 seconds
  • Delivers Immediate Vulnerability Results & Runtime Protection

Leveraging Deep Security Instrumentation makes Contrast Enterprise the most accurate, fastest and scalable application security solution in the market.


“Information security is a team sport... and in a silo alone, cannot win the battle. We must work with our teammates, whether we're a product owner, dev, test, or ops.  We must work with them in order to achieve the goal.

— Gene Kim — Award-winning CTO, founder and CTO of Tripwire, researcher & author

Eliminate Vulnerabilities in Development

Contrast makes accurately finding and fixing vulnerabilities easy, without the need for application security experts. Applications instrumented with the Contrast agent automatically and accurately self-diagnose where they are vulnerable, down to the line of code. This happens in real-time, as software runs in development and test environments, without the need for separate security scans or any changes to the way software is built, tested, or deployed. Gartner calls this approach Interactive Application Security Testing, or IAST.

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See & Stop Attacks in Production 

Contrast Enterprise accurately detects and blocks application attacks without interrupting legitimate traffic. Contrast instrumentation infuses applications with attack detection and prevention, stays with applications wherever they are hosted, and requires no network architecture changes. In contrast to a Web Application Firewall that operates outside of an application, Contrast works inside applications – after traffic has already been decrypted – delivering real-time protection with sub-millisecond latency. Gartner calls this approach Runtime Application Self-Protection, or RASP.

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