White Paper: Understanding the Risks of the Software Supply Chain

Four ways to secure supply chain

There are four elements involved in securing the software supply chain: 1) software you write, 2) software you import, 3) software you run, and 4) software you build with.

If exploited, these security “dimensions” present significant risk to the software supply chain. This year alone, successful vulnerability exploits of SolarWinds, Codecov, Kaseya, Microsoft Exchange Server, and Confluence exposed tens of thousands of organizations and applications to malicious activity. 

Read this white paper to learn …

  • About the benefits and risks of open-source code
  • The different ways bad actors execute attacks on the software supply chain
  • What licensing risks exist in the use of third-party frameworks and libraries
  • How much application code is comprised of open source—and what percentage of that open-source code is ever excised by the application

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