Automated Penetration Testing

Optimize Pen Testing

Contrast Assess automates elements of the penetration testing process so vulnerability identification can be performed continuously. Contrast addresses the most common vulnerabilities, enabling penetration testers to focus on more complex vulnerabilities such as business logic flaws.

Who Needs Automated Pen Testing?

CISOs that are cost conscious and need to “do more with less” with their manual security penetration testing.
Application security teams who need to provide layered security and validate results from multiple sources.
DevOps teams that need application security to reduce the number of false positives associated with traditional tools.
"Red teams" that would benefit from a detailed “roadmap” of highlighted vulnerabilities that exist in the applications.

The Solution is here — Contrast Assess

Contrast Assess provides a continuous and automated approach to pen testing.

The Problem with
Manual Penetration Testing

Penetration testers are forced to spend time identifying common vulnerabilities (e.g., SQL injection, Cross-Site Scripting and buffer overflows) that are just as easily detected using an automated tool. To optimize the efforts of penetration testing experts, organizations should have them concentrate on identifying more complex vulnerabilities (e.g. business logic flaws) that require a greater level of expertise and experience.

How Contrast Security Delivers value for Penetration Testing

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Contrast Assess complements traditional manual penetration testing by providing greater efficiency in identifying and validating common vulnerabilities. Contrast Assess dashboards highlight actionable information – penetration testers, as well as application security, development, and red teams can identify and remediate vulnerabilities.

Unlike manual penetration testing, which is performed periodically, Contrast works continuously, testing every new software release. Contrast Assess, used with manual penetration testing, provides a layered security posture and reduction of risk.

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See for yourself how Contrast Security makes software self-protecting and discover how 
deep-security instrumentation allows visibility deeper into the application stack.
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