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New Guide Available: Application & Data Security Volume II


A new guide, published by DZone and entitled "Application and Data Security" is now available for free. This Guide offers a deeper look into challenges and solutions for implementing secure practices. Dive into building applications that automatically defend themselves and building a three layer fort to protect your IoT device. Take a look inside blockchains and smart contract security, see the layers to build an app security stack, and more.

DZone interviewed industry experts, including Jeff Williams, Co-founder and CTO of Contrast Security. These experts were asked to examine key aspects of the changing landscape of global Internet security, how to address today’s threats, what to expect from tomorrow. They also covered aspects of the digital threat, covering server, infrastructure, and application security along with what tools, systems, and people to use to help combat the threat to the digital way of life. 

Jeff Williams wrote the section entitled "Automating Application Security in Modern Software Development" it begins on page 10 of the guide. To receive your free copy of the guide, please click here to register.

Christine Carrig, Director of Marketing

Christine Carrig, Director of Marketing

Christine’s wide breadth of marketing experience has been focused on driving revenue, building brand recognition, and creating demand-generation programs in technology organizations. For the past 11 years, her deep understanding of marketing principles, coupled with forward thinking, has been instrumental in transforming application security start-ups into successful, profitable companies.


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