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Scaling security with the speed of modern software development

What if you could instantly prevent 95%* of the vulnerabilities in your running applications from being exploited? With runtime protection, you can quickly and efficiently inoculate your applications and application programming interfaces (APIs)  from entire classes of common vulnerabilities and dramatically improve the efficiency and focus of your Application Security (AppSec) program.

Watch ESG Senior Analyst Melinda Marks speak with Contrast Security Co-founder and CTO Jeff Williams to learn:

  • Why cloud-native application development requires more than just a “shift-left” approach to be secure. 
  • How “shifting right” can be a scalable and efficient way to fix code problems and prevent exploits in production.
  • How Cloud Native Application Protection Platforms (CNAPP) combine cloud infrastructure security with runtime protection to enable developers to write more secure code. 

* Based on customer experience with Contrast Security Protect

Watch the video here

See how with Contrast Protect you can detect and block runtime attacks on known and unknown code vulnerabilities with greater precision. 

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Andrew Lach, Senior Director, Global Analyst Relations

Andrew Lach, Senior Director, Global Analyst Relations