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Self-Protecting Software Key Part of EY’s New $10M Security Bet


I’m delighted to announce that Contrast Security has been identified as a key technology and alliance partner for Ernst & Young’s (EY) recently announced Advanced Cybersecurity Center, based in Dallas, Texas. This is an important milestone in the software security industry as global consulting firms invest more in Application Security, addressing the #1 source of data breaches for organizations around the world. 

EY recognizes that Contrast is an important building block to empower the future of the Agile / DevOps movement. Being part of their new $10mil Dallas cyber center highlights Contrast’s continuous software security approach as being a meaningful new technology for consulting firms and managed service providers looking to offer innovative application security practices for both software development and attack monitoring and protection.

Unlike traditional scan-based approaches that limit the partners’ ability to provide continuous oversight, Contrast allows for partner level oversight from application creation to deployment.  This capability empowers better code writing and real-time protection even for legacy apps that were not created in house. As software is developed and evolving at unprecedented speeds, Contrast creates a new way to do continuous and highly accurate security, heralding a new era of self-protecting software. 


The Contrast story is applicable across all kinds of security partnership opportunities. The continuous approach of self-protecting software will change the way application security has been traditionally treated. 

Here’s an example of how self-protecting software speaks with the rest of the network:  With Contrast protecting an application during a SQL injection attack, the exact IP address that the exploit is coming from would be shared with SIEMs, policy orchestration systems or firewalls to ensure protection for other applications as well. Additionally, partners looking to extend fine grain controls with their security threat intelligence can take advantage of the Contrast platform to create fine grain enforcement actions at a code level, instead of course controls like IP address or DNS.

Contrast transforms any network appliance into a Next Generation WAF, with laser-focused signatures for the vulnerable application. This revolutionary approach will have profound effects on legacy tools like a WAF and IPS. 

Watch this space for news on more managed services announcements and product integrations.


Jeremy Carlson, VP of Strategic Alliances

Jeremy Carlson, VP of Strategic Alliances

As Vice President of strategic alliances, Jeremy Carlson has nearly 20 of years of experience driving sales, business development and product marketing success in the enterprise software and security industries. Most recently, Jeremy was Vice President of Business Development for Cyphort and he has held senior leadership roles at Appthority, Blue Coat and Symantec.