DevOps Security

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What is DevOps Security?

DevOps security refers to the practice of safeguarding an organization’s entire development/operations environment through the use of coordinated policies, processes, and technology. DevOps gives information security (infosec) groups the opportunity to integrate security earlier in the software development process, building best practices into all parts of the DevOps lifecycle. From inception, design, build, test, release, support, maintenance, and beyond, DevOps teams can use DevOps security tools such as automated security monitoring and automated pen testing to deliver security-as-code that:

  • Empowers developers to proactively solve security problems
  • Makes application security elastic
  • Automates security into the pipeline
  • Monitors attacks the same way performance is monitored

Contrast Community Edition

Release Secure Software Faster... No Security Expertise Needed!

Meet software delivery deadlines and security mandates. Contrast Community Edition for Java applications, .NET Core (and .Net Framework coming soon), and APIs delivers security-as-code that protects your software against the most common security flaws. With Contrast, you can remediate vulnerabilities early in the SDLC and monitor and defend against attacks on production applications.