Deepening Dependency on Technology Raises Risk of Breakdowns

JULY 9, NEW YORK TIMES - Computer outages at United Airlines, the New York Stock Exchange and The Wall Street Journal on Wednesday delivered a reminder about our growing dependence on interconnected networks to get through each day... 

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The Fast, Free, Fantastic Way to Find XSS

What Is XSS? Cross site scripting (XSS) is really pretty simple. Any time untrusted data ends up an HTML page without proper validation and escaping, you have a problem.  So when a developer takes an HTTP request parameter and it finds its way through the code into an HTML page, the result is XSS -- unless the data is properly...Read More

What does Contrast mean to you?


Installs In Minutes

Contrast instrumentation works as fast as applications run and change. Unlike legacy approaches, Contrast requires no waiting for tests to complete. 

Instant identification means never an open window for attack.



No False Positives

Accurately identifies more vulnerabilities than SAST and DAST combined – so developers and AppSec folks are on the same page.

Accurate information leads to accurate findings. 


No Consultants 

Contrast is easy to install and use. So anyone can use it to do their own AppSec without the bottleneck that experts cause.

That’s simple.


Continuous Application Security Handbook

This short handbook outlines 8 steps to a streamlined approach to application security that is designed to be scalable, practical, and compatible with modern software and modern software development approaches.

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Indecent Exposure Whitepaper

This paper reviews why today's application security does not work and how they failed to deliver on their promises. After reviewing some of the pitfalls of legacy application security tools and why they have failed, a new approach for securing applications will be introduced.

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Interactive Application Security Testing

Webinar OnDemand 
Cybersecurity: Winning with Automation

Listen to this short video and hear Jeff Williams: 

  • Present the capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses of legacy application security tools like SAST and DAST.
  • Define IAST and RASP, Gartner’s latest appsec buzzwords and what they represent. 
  • Introduce a powerful new approach called “Security Instrumentation.”

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Application Security Testing Magic Quadrant


“Contrast for Eclipse presents a real opportunity... to build highly secure applications without compromising productivity”

Pieter Humphrey
Consulting Product Marketing Manager

Selected as a Top 16 Innovator

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