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Geek women dish about their geeky cybersec careers

cs-codepatrol-speaker-lisa-naomi-megan-030623In honor of Women's History Month, we're agog at the two shining tech stars featured in our latest episode. Megan Baker, IT & Security Lead at fintech Georgian, and our own Director of Product Security, Naomi Buckwalter, say they didn’t need encouragement to crush it in cybersec: They were simply born with the right wetware. One snippet of their advice on empowering she-geeks: Hire women because they’re good at what they do, not just because you need to tick off a checkbox.

Host: Lisa Vaas, Senior Content Marketing Manager, Contrast Security

Guest Speaker: Naomi Buckwalter, Director of Product Security, Contrast Security

Guest Speaker: Megan Baker, IT & Security Lead at Georgian



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