Insider threats, supply chain attacks and quantum threats -- enterprise security predictions for 2022

ByBetaNews Jan 6, 2022 1:16:55 PM

The transition to remote and hybrid working has led enterprises to radically revise the way they operate. This has thrown up a variety of new challenges in ensuring systems remain secure.

Industry experts give us their views on what security issues businesses will face as we head into 2022.

Keith Hollender, global cybersecurity practice lead at MorganFranklin Consulting thinks the move to remote working will lead to more insider threats. "Whether purposeful or accidental, we will see a rise in insider threats and data loss challenges amidst the continued remote work environment. From verifying identities to ensuring sensitive information isn't stolen, it will remain difficult to control what employees do outside of the office as they remotely access files and systems. For example, organizations will need to grant access to employees but can't always tell if their identity is legitimate. To secure remote work, it will require very strong identity and access management controls, less privileged access, and more logging and monitoring which are all challenging to execute. Due to these factors, it will remain very easy for threat actors to circumvent remote access controls in 2022."




Jacklyn Kellick 
Public Relations Manager


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