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Contrast is an Advanced Partner with Amazon Web Services Partner Network. With certifications on AWS offerings and products as well as a backend built on AWS, Contrast is able to provide support for any application that AWS offers.

General Information

  • Region EMEA, North America, APAC, Latin America

Power in Partnerships

DevSecOps teams leverage Contrast Security to ensure security and compliance across the entire lifecycle of their web applications and APIs running on AWS.

By using instrumentation technology, Contrast Security is embedding self-assessment and self-protection capabilities directly into the application during run-time.

DevSecOps teams are able to detect accurate code-level vulnerabilities (both custom code and open source libraries) in development and QA environments, and monitor and block production applications from threats and attacks in real-time.

These capabilities scale to secure an entire application portfolio on AWS and in hybrid environments via a single platform, delivering continuous visibility and centralized point-of-control for software risk.


Case Study: GreenSky

GreenSky overcame modern security and cloud migration challenges by leveraging Contrast Security's application security platform to migrate 150 applications to AWS.

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AWS Marketplae

Interested in learning more? Reach out to us on AWS Marketplace to see how to embed security directly into your application workflows.

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Whitepaper: Securing AWS Lambda Function URLs

Read this white paper to learn more about AWS Lambda function URLs and Contrast Serverless AppSec.

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Contrast Security and AWS On Air Episode - Shift Smart

Leveraging the right technology in the right place to automatically harden development stacks and provide accurate, actionable feedback across the SDLC.

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Self-Protecting software is a significant evolution in the approach to software security on AWS. With Contrast Security, AWS customers now have a means to get continuous visibility into application layer attacks and the ability to immediately protect themselves from new threats.

Rohit Gupta | Global Segment Leader, Security