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Secure Code Warrior

Secure Code Warrior enables companies to build a culture of security by providing developers with a platform to learn how to code securely. The Secure Code Warrior Learning Platform empowers engineering and development teams to gain the skills needed to identify vulnerabilities and fix code faster. The platform provides hands-on coding challenges designed to help developers conquer the top software vulnerabilities.

General Information

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Power in Partnerships

Secure Code Warrior makes its learning platform capabilities available to team’s leveraging Contrast tools, supporting a developer-lead security approach. The integration between Secure Code Warrior and Contrast provides secure coding guidance for developers alongside the vulnerabilities detected. Enabling teams to quickly identify and fix issues as they arise.
The integration between Secure Code Warrior and Contrast Security enables developers to learn and develop secure coding practices that significantly reduce the number of vulnerabilities introduced into new code. This improves the productivity of developers who are under increasing pressure to write code while dramatically reducing application risk

Stephen Allor | VP of Channel