Contrast OSS

Automated Open Source Security software and Compliance

The devops solution to managing open source
software risk from development to production

empower development teams to use open source securely AND STAY AHEAD OF RISK TO ENSURE YOUR ORGANIZATION IS PROTECTED

Contrast OSS delivers automated open source risk management by embedding security and compliance checks in applications throughout the development process while performing continuous monitoring in production. Contrast is the only solution that can identify vulnerable components, determine if they are actually used by the application and prevent exploitation at runtime.
End-to-End Automation
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A Fully Automated Solution That Works With Your Existing Workflows

Contrast automatically discovers open source dependencies in your applications, provides critical versioning and usage information, and triggers alerts when risks and policy violations are detected anywhere across the SDLC. Then in production, Contrast automatically monitors, blocks and alerts on attacks targeting open source used in your applications. All of this information is streamed to security and development teams in real-time through the tools they already use, enabling short feedback loops and quick action.

Runtime Assessment and Protection

Not Your Traditional Software Composition Analysis

Catches issues early, remediate faster and block attacks. Unlike traditional SCA tools, Contrast performs runtime analysis to accurately identify whether components are actually used by the application. This intelligence enables you to prioritize and focus remediation efforts on the vulnerabilities that really matter.

Beyond automatically detecting risk, Contrast provides runtime protection so attacks on vulnerable open source are automatically monitored and blocked to prevent exploitation in production.

Continuous Visibility Across the Organization

Always-On Monitoring from Development to Production

Contrast OSS monitors your entire application portfolio, continuously, building and maintaining a complete, up-to-date, software-risk-focused inventory of all your applications and open source. Vulnerabilities and risk intelligence are automatically mapped to applications, servers and environments, so you always know what runs where, and what needs to be secured across the organization.

Self-Updated Intelligence

Self-Updating Software Risk Intelligence

With Contrast, new intelligence and policies are automatically applied via continuous assessment executed in the background of regular functional testing. This eliminates the need for disruptive scans, and re-scans, of code repositories. Early detection of vulnerabilities and licensing risk in the developer environment, continuous verification across your CI/CD pipelines and monitoring in production, ensure your organization is always protected.

Single Deployment; Zero Extra Work

A Single Solution for Your Open Source and Custom Code

Contrast OSS is the only solution that identifies vulnerabilities in open source dependencies and your custom code in a single assessment process. No need to implement multiple tools, orchestrate between different analysis engines, and correlate vulnerabilities. You deploy Contrast once and have immediate visibility into your entire software risk posture.



Discover how Contrast OSS works by deploying an intelligent agent that instruments the application with smart sensors to analyze code in real-time from within the application. In this product brief, learn how instrumentation works to find vulnerabilities, insecure libraries, and how it compares to other security testing methodologies.

What You Get with Contrast security

Contrast Security is the most accurate, fastest and scalable application security solution in the market.



Automatically create and maintain organization-wide inventory of open source components mapped to applications, servers, and environments to identify what runs where, and what needs to be secured.


Continuously evaluate OSS components in your application portfolio for known and unknown vulnerabilities, as well as open source license risk.


Set and automatically enforce custom policies across the SDLC and provide real-time feedback to security and development teams.


Prioritize remediation efforts on vulnerabilities that really mater by accurately identifying whether vulnerable open source components are actually used by the application.


Continuously monitor production applications and block attacks on vulnerable open source code to prevent exploitation at runtime.
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Provide real-time correlation of vulnerabilities, OSS license information, and other library metadata to components in inventory.

modern security model for modern software

Be agile, confidently releasing software as fast as you want, knowing it is secure. Get accurate results, produced continuously, delivered through the channel of your choice -- ChatOps, ticketing systems, email, IDEs, etc.
Focus on providing governance and oversight because Contrast Assess is accurate, continuous and automated. It works perfectly with microservices, APIs, containers and software built to run in the cloud. No more time-wasting tweaks to inaccurate security products!
Build application security into your CI/CD environment with a broad range of native integrations and a RESTful API. Contrast Assess is the only application security tool built from the ground up for Agile and DevOps.

Assessing applications is complex, but Contrast security makes it easy.

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