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An Executive Viewpoint in 2017: Fighting an Uphill Battle for Cybersecurity


This week, Virtual Strategy Magazine posted Jeff Williams' 2017 cybersecurity predictions as part of its executive viewpoint roundup. Jeff’s predictions focus on cybersecurity’s uphill battle and the explosions we can expect to see along the way.


Here is an excerpt:

In the past year, we saw an increasing amount of data breaches, cyber-attacks, you name it. It’s not that we don’t understand how to stop these attacks; the problem is primarily a scale issue. As an industry, what we have to do is automate better. I believe in the future all software will be instrumented for security all of the time and therefore will automatically protect itself against attacks.

Hackers have better tools than you...

Until that happens, I think it’s going to be a slow battle and there are going to be some big explosions along the way. This will be a pivotal year in the development of the 25+ year long debate about the future of information, privacy and security. That being said, here are my predictions for 2017:

1. Expect Strong Responses from the U.S. Government to Cyberattacks

The U.S. has the most exposure to cyberattacks because of our privately held critical infrastructure and huge dependence on Internet commerce. I’m worried that our new administration will rush in and decide that the right thing is to act tough and threaten attackers. That couldn’t be a bigger mistake. We do have some big guns. Our cybersecurity expertise is quite sophisticated. But we definitely also live in a glass house. So our priority should be to avoid cyberwar at all costs.

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Christine Carrig, Director of Marketing

Christine Carrig, Director of Marketing

Christine’s wide breadth of marketing experience has been focused on driving revenue, building brand recognition, and creating demand-generation programs in technology organizations. For the past 11 years, her deep understanding of marketing principles, coupled with forward thinking, has been instrumental in transforming application security start-ups into successful, profitable companies.