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Securing the Software Supply Chain in Modern Development Pipelines

Industry experts in software security and engineering discuss how to lock down your software supply chain at scale.

Many associate software supply chain risk with open-source software (OSS). While mitigating open-source software risk is certainly critical to closing security gaps in the software supply chain, businesses need visibility into proprietary, commercial and open-source software as it makes its way through each phase of the software development lifecycle (SDLC). 

Watch this fireside chat between Melinda Marks, Senior Analyst with ESG Research, and David Lindner, CISO at Contrast Security, as they each give their take on what businesses need to consider in order to lock down gaps in their software supply chain. 

By watching this webinar you’ll come away with insights such as: 

  • Why zero-day events such as Log4j have shone such a bright light on software supply chain security 
  • Approaches and techniques in how to efficiently embed software supply chain governance within native development practices 
  • The role of SBOMs in benchmarking software supply chain risk and criteria you should consider when assessing security testing tools
david-lindner (1)

David Lindner

CISO at Contrast Security

Melinda Mark

Melinda Marks

Senior Analyst at ESG Research

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