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Next generation APPSEC PLATFORM

Modern Application Security

Today's businesses run on software that must be secure at all times. Contrast continuously identifies vulnerabilities from software development through release, and protects applications from attacks in production.

Who Uses Agile and DevOps Methodologies?

Application Security and SOC teams that need to keep pace with development teams moving at the pace of Agile and DevOps.
Development teams that need to build secure applications in fast-paced environments though accelerated deployments.
CISOs responsible for protecting corporate assets, developing enterprise wide security programs and preventing breaches.  

Unify Security Strategy

Continuous Application Security (CAS) relies on security instrumentation in every application.
Learn how to unify security strategy across development & operations.
See how to set up a CAS program with only eight activities!
Contrast Datasheet

The Problem with Traditional Application Security Tools

Cumbersome workflow using traditional Application Security testing tools -- Not ready for DevOps.

Corporations are rapidly releasing applications to meet market demands and stay relevant. Most organizations have not implemented security within DevOps processes because conventional application security tools (SAST, DAST, WAF) create bottlenecks in the DevOps process, adding to project costs and delays.


How Contrast Delivers Value

Contrast was designed to work as part of Agile and DevOps processes by operating within the application. Contrast accuracy, efficiency, and scalability ensure that security integrates into Agile and DevOps processes and scales with your portfolio and as your business requirements change over time. This enables application security and SOC teams to protect applications at DevOps speed, without disrupting development processes or time-to-market.

Contrast makes security continuous and integrates seamlessly
with modern, agile software development processes.

Learn More About Continuous Application Security

Watch Short Demo & Overview Video

In 9 minutes see for yourself how Contrast Security makes software self-protecting and discover how deep-security instrumentation allows visibility deeper into the application stack.
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