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Scribe Security

SCRIBE is an end-to-end software supply chain security platform that secures code throughout your entire software supply chain and throughout your product’s life cycle, from development to delivery to update. SCRIBE equips you to attest to the integrity, provenance, reputation, and authenticity of the code that you use and develop and the tools and processes that made it.

General Information

  • Industries Financial Services, Government, Technology Region EMEA, North America

Power in Partnerships

Contrast and Scribe have both an agent-based approach to enable eep security of your "software factory". Contrast and Scribe complement each other to enable an end-to-end approach to software supply chain security and integrity. Secure and validate your code, pipeline, dependencies, and process integrity. Enable an evidence-driven approach to secure mission-critical systems, and support SSDF, SLSA, CIS benchmark continuous compliance.
Great leadership and professional team, open for collaboration while creating a mutual value proposition.