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VueVue.js is a JavaScript framework mainly used for building Single-Page Applications (SPA). The framework is open source and completely free, making it an attractive option for developers who want to develop their applications without worrying about costs or licensing issues.

Vue.js is an incrementally adaptable framework to enable building user interfaces and single-page applications. At its core, the library focuses on the view layer, with advanced features and supporting libraries for routing, state management, build tooling, and more. Vue.js is a progressive framework; it’s easy to start with essential features and grow into more advanced use cases as your application requirements change over time. It also offers several community-driven tools to help you build production-ready apps faster than ever. Vue.js is an open-source project that’s been around for about two years. It was created by Evan You, who founded a company called Vue Technology to offer consulting services. The framework has recently gained significant popularity, and its ecosystem is growing rapidly.

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