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Find and fix in real-time the vulnerabilities that really matter in your code


Development teams can secure every line of code with Contrast's IAST solution that continuously detects and prioritizes vulnerabilities and guides them on how to eliminate risks. All with industry leading accuracy, efficiency, scalability, and coverage.


Turn every test into a security test


More context = accurate results


Fix faster

Applications that are built and deployed in a rapid cadence within the AWS cloud offer us greater scalability, agility and resilience. By automating application security into DevOps processes, Contrast helped GreenSky keep up with the demand to keep delivering business value with increasing speed.

David Butterworth
Senior DevSecOps Engineer

Contrast Assess for Log4j

Contrast Assess detects the underlying vulnerability in applications. This means, Contrast will find the next application vulnerability like this one, before it becomes a disclosed CVE or major incident.

The world’s leading
IAST solution

Now development teams can secure every line of code with breakthrough IAST technology that continuously detects and prioritizes vulnerabilities and guides them on how to eliminate risks.


Live architecture
and flow view

In-depth visualization of application components, code trees, and data flow

In order to manage software inventory and identify aggregate risk in applications, and by leveraging the instrumentation insights of the Contrast agent, organizations can visualize application architecture, code trees, and message flow information. Contrast automatically generates simple diagrams that illustrate the application’s major architectural components. This information helps the developer quickly identify the meaning of a vulnerability that Contrast pinpoints and can form a starting point for threat modeling remediation.


Developer remediation guidance

Pointed, code level remediation guidance 

The Contrast platform explains vulnerabilities to those that need to understand and fix them. Contrast’s innovative Security Trace format pinpoints exactly where a vulnerability appears in the code, and how it works. This enables developers to fix vulnerabilities easily without the need of security expertise.

Application attack intelligence

Attack surface mapping with route and URL intelligence

Contrast Assess provides developers a mapping of the URL and routes of their software that are executed during the testing phase of the SDLC. This helps security teams increase confidence in the coverage of the Assess solution as well as developers identify the effectiveness of their overall testing practice.


Contrast Security is a #1 Leader in G2® Grid Report for IAST

With a Satisfaction Score of 93 out of 100, Contrast Assess was rated #1 for Quality of Support, #1 for Market Presence and #1 for User Satisfaction


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