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Contrast Security serves up vulnerability data integrated into AWS Security Hub

Contrast Security serves up vulnerability data integrated into AWS Security Hub

In the world of incident response, you need the right information, at the right time, and you need it where you want to consume it — not tucked into the guts of tools that may have different silos based on who’s administering them. 

You need to know, for example, if a security event means a workload will be impacted when running an application. Also, what’s the gist of a given event? Is it a Common Vulnerability and Exposure (CVE)? Or maybe a new code update that adjusted the security posture of the application and triggered the security event? 

You need those answers STAT. Security events are time-sensitive. The sooner you figure out what’s happening, the sooner you can put the brakes on, and the more you can contain collateral damage. In those situations, the last thing you need is to go fumbling blindly around for the data. You need that data at your fingertips, not mired in some funky data format off in some silo you have to hunt down and wrangle out.

You shouldn’t have to order data as if it were a takeout pizza: It should be served up fresh and immediate from the tools you’re already using. If you’re on the security team, you want that data right in front of your face.  Same goes for DevOps: If the team wants to consume data in a particular way, they should be able to get that data fast, served up on a silver platter within the tools they use. 

As it stands, managing security alerts, compliance reports and findings across the cloud can be challenging. This can be spread across many repositories and can sometimes be found in incompatible data formats. If that sounds familiar, you know how tough it is just to meet compliance requirements, never mind being nimble enough to respond to security threats that are evolving at lightning speed

One, unified view of vulnerabilities

We’re way past due for a paradigm shift. That’s why Contrast is integrating its runtime security with AWS Security Hub to give our mutual customers one, single, unified view of vulnerabilities — one that’s highly accurate, mind you, and not plagued with false positives that send you down time-wasting rabbit holes — right within their AWS cloud environments. 

Through this new integration, Contrast Assess will seamlessly send vulnerability data to AWS Security Hub in real time, as vulnerabilities are identified. This will enable organizations to:

  • Consolidate and streamline the vulnerability management process, gaining actionable insights and a holistic view of their cloud environment's security. 
  • Leverage AWS Security Hub's advanced capabilities, such as comprehensive threat intelligence and automated security checks, to identify and prioritize application vulnerabilities. 
  • Make informed decisions and take proactive measures to address vulnerabilities promptly, minimizing potential risks and enhancing overall security posture in the cloud.

The integration provides a centralized view of security risks in the application code itself, enabling developers and security teams to identify and fix vulnerabilities before deployment and making the process proactive rather than reactive. This results in secure applications, reduced risk and improved compliance, providing an additional layer of protection for AWS customers.

Integration with AWS Security Hub using Contrast Assess

Check out Contrast’s guidelines to integrate Contrast Assess with AWS Security Hub to ensure a steady and secure transfer of security insights and findings directly to AWS. This streamlined integration will help in maintaining and enhancing your security posture. 



Configuring Contrast Assess to send findings to AWS Security Hub. Source: Contrast integration documentation



Setting up applications in Contrast Assess. Source: Contrast integration documentation

Messing with a developer’s workflow=failing

Complexity is already killing software developers, as they deal with exploding feature demands. Having to jump in and out of workflow to get the data they need is just one more headache. We get it: We know that while developers love our console — hey, it’s a nice one — the likelihood of a developer logging into our console is low. Rather, it’s far more likely that they're going to get feedback right inside of their integrated development environment (IDE). They have a workflow that they're comfortable with. If you're messing with their workflow, you’re failing. 

At Contrast Security, one of our missions is to beef up our customers’ security posture in the cloud. We understand that we can't do it alone; that’s why we’re seamlessly bringing our platform into the tools our customers already use. 

We want to give our shared customers the confidence to move their workloads to the cloud securely: That’s why our partnership with AWS is one of our most important and strategic. 

Stay tuned for more updates, and get ready to experience a more streamlined and efficient vulnerability management process in your AWS cloud environment. Together, Contrast Security and AWS will help organizations achieve greater security and compliance in the ever-evolving cloud landscape.

To learn more about Contrast Security's solutions and how they can benefit your organization, visit our website or contact us today.

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Frank Gasparovic, Director, Ecosystem Engineering, Contrast Security

Frank Gasparovic, Director, Ecosystem Engineering, Contrast Security

Frank leads the integrations team at Contrast and is responsible for overseeing the integration of Contrast’s platform with complementary solutions. He works closely with customers and partners to ensure that their security needs are met and that they are able to effectively use the Contrast platform to keep their secure code moving.