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Partners, prepare for synergy & lots of lightbulb moments

Partners, prepare for synergy & lots of lightbulb moments

He’s calling it “revolutionary.” 

For months, Ben Goodman, Contrast Security SVP of Corporate Development and Strategic Alliances, has been working to wire up the company’s new partner alliance program. He’s kind of like a mad scientist, except he’s pressing flesh instead of being locked away in a lab.

What, exactly, is there to revolutionize in a partner program?

He dropped in on the Code Patrol podcast to explain what wound up being called the Security Innovation Alliance (SIA) program — a far less naughty acronym than other possible names, such as the Security Innovation Network, and one that presumably won’t get us blocked by parental controls. 

He said the “revolutionary” part is about the way that customers scale security solutions. 

“Where Contrast sits in our customers’ estate is really important,” he said. “In order for Contrast to really provide our customers with the highest level of value, it needs to have integrations with a variety of different things. Things from source code management to DevOps pipelines, to [application programming interface] API security solutions to posture management solutions to vulnerability management solutions.

"I believe that security is a team sport," he continued. "There isn't any single vendor, period, full stop, that can give a customer, especially an enterprise customer, everything they need to secure their estate. The only way to provide a customer with the best security possible is to integrate with all different parts of the ecosystem."

Ben dropped in to the Code Patrol podcast to explain the aim of the new Security Innovation Alliance (SIA) program: namely, to tie together the myriad parts of the security ecosystem so all your partners can focus on your business instead of patching things together with duct tape and paperclips.

Have a listen to the podcast to learn more, and check out the SIA program here.

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Lisa Vaas, Senior Content Marketing Manager, Contrast Security

Lisa Vaas, Senior Content Marketing Manager, Contrast Security

Lisa Vaas is a content machine, having spent years churning out reporting and analysis on information security and other flavors of technology. She’s now keeping the content engines revved to help keep secure code flowing at Contrast Security.