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CSO Magazine, Contrast Product Review

Read this CSO Magazine (Online) product review: How Contrast Security Protects Applications from the Inside Out and see why Contrast scored 100 percent on the OWASP Security Benchmark. Written by John Breeden II, he gives his honest take on our suite, "Contrast Security has one of the most elegant solutions out there for application security."

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Contrast Product Demonstration
A unified approach to security is now a reality and can easily be achieved with Contrast. See how we do it in this 60-minute demonstrationpresented by Jeff Williams, Contrast Security's Co-Founder & CTO in conversation with Ed Amoroso, former CISO of AT&T and Founder of TAG Cyber. Jeff will present a "live" demo of both Contrast Assess (IAST) and Contrast Protect (RASP), all from within the product.
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Contrast Overview
This overview document contains technical information about Contrast, including our products, supported technologies, key features, and more! Contrast Enterprise is the only product that can defend an application portfolio throughout the entire software lifecycle. Contrast protects applications from attacks, helps development teams eliminate vulnerabilities and provides visibility to unlock threat intelligence. No code changes or security experts are required to keep applications secure.
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Contrast Protect Data Sheet
Contrast Protect (RASP) enables applications to become self-protecting by operating deep within the application itself, using instrumentation to gain insight into how attacks behave. With better visibility and insight comes better protection. Take a look at this datasheet to read on Contrast's binary instrumentation, Runtime Exploit Prevention, and Contrast Protect's key protection capabilities.
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Contrast Product Demo & Overview Video
Watch a short high-level overview and see for yourself how Contrast Security makes software self-protecting so it can defend itself from vulnerabilities & attacks. This overview shows both Assess (IAST) and Protect (RASP) with a "live" demo within the product environment showing actual product dashboards.
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The Contrast Cost Advantage
It’s time for a new approach to application security testing. After waiting days or weeks for a manual code review or static test scan, developers must go back and rid their code of security flaws. Contrast helps developers discover and fix vulnerabilities during development when the code is still top of mind, and more cost-effective to fix.

See how you can eliminate over 60% of the annual cost to secure applications by using Contrast Assess.
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6 Benefits of Contrast Security SAAS
Contrast Security recommends choosing the Software-as-a-Service (“SaaS”) version of our central management and reporting server, TeamServer. SaaS accelerates time-to-value, simplifies scaling as your deployment grows, and ensures the highest levels of security. Open our Tech Brief to see the six benefits of using Contrast SaaS.
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