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Contrast and the Era of
Self-Protecting Software

Contrast Overview 

Contrast-Security-Overview.pngA 4-page document that contains technical information about Contrast, including a product overview, supported technologies, key features, and more! Contrast Enterprise is the only product that can defend an application portfolio throughout the entire software lifecycle. Contrast protects applications from attacks, helps development teams eliminate vulnerabilities and provides visibility to unlock threat intelligence. No code changes or security experts are required to keep applications secure.

Contrast Datasheet

contrast-product-demo.pngContrast Product Demo & Overview Video

Watch a short (9:08) high-level overview and see for yourself how Contrast Security makes software self-protecting so it can defend itself from vulnerabilities & attacks. This overview shows both Assess (IAST) and Protect (RASP) with a "live" demo within the product environment showing actual product dashboards.

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The Contrast Security Cost Advantage

contrast-cost-advantage.pngIt’s time for a new approach to application security testing. After waiting days or weeks for a manual code review or static test scan, developers must go back and rid their code of security flaws. Contrast helps developers discover and fix vulnerabilities during development, when the code is still top of mind, and more cost-effective to fix.

See how you can eliminate over 60% of the annual cost to secure applications by using Contrast Assess.

Contrast Datasheet

Case Study: Focus on Fortune 500 Retail / E-commerce Company

Contrast-Case-Study.pngRead how the switch to Contrast helped this Fortune 500 Global Retail / E-commerce company reach its vision for security across all its applications and brands. With Contrast, the Application Security team at the company is no longer the bottleneck. The team has been able to keep pace with the other teams involved in the application development and release cycles, while being more effective overall. 

See how an automated application security process, built on Contrast Assess, allows applications to report their vulnerabilities as they are tested. There is no longer a separate application security scanning step during the release cycle. This has helped the company eliminate the delays that were caused by the additional scanning step and become truly agile.

Contrast Datasheet

SaaS-Tech-Brief.png6 Benefits of Contrast Security SAAS

Contrast Security recommends choosing the Software-as-a-Service (“SaaS”) version of our central management and reporting server, TeamServer. SaaS accelerates time-to-value, simplifies scaling as your deployment grows, and ensures the highest levels of security. Open our Tech Brief to see the six benefits of using Contrast SaaS.

Contrast Datasheet


RASPtechBrief.png5 RASP Facts That Transform Your Application Security Program

This brief outlines 5 facts Application Security professionals must know about Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP). RASP is an emerging technology that provides visibility into application attacks and other security events, and quickly easily stops hackers. 

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IAST-Whitepaper.pngInteractive Application Security Testing

An introduction to the philosophy of Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST) and how it enables continuous realtime application security. Learn how instrumentation works to find vulnerabilities, insecure libraries, and how it compares to other security testing methodologies.

Continuous Application Security Testing with Contrast


How are your DevOps teams doing AppSec today?

Listen to 3 experts as they share insights on their software security programs.
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Download the new 2017 gartner Magic Quadrant report

Gartner Positions Contrast Security as sole “Visionary”
in the Magic Quadrant for Application Security Testing

Read the NEW 2017 report to see:
A comprehensive view of best practices and trends in application security
A complete assessment of vendors in the space

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