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Are You Ready to Automate Security Testing? Meet DevSecOps.


It is no secret that software applications today are complex and can potentially be riddled with many different security issues. From bad code to misconfigured servers and everything in between, solving this problem requires security implications to always be top of mind no matter stage of the application you are working on.

As Matt Watson, Founder & CEO of Stackify, says:

"DevSecOps is a new movement to do just that. The goal is to get developers to be thinking more about security principles and standards as they are building their applications.

The goal of DevOps is to give development teams more ownership in deploying and monitoring their applications. Automating how we provision servers and deploy our applications is at the heart of DevOps. Automation helps us move faster and ship higher quality products.

Now, adding security to this same automation is the goal of DevSecOps."

One of the goals of DevSecOps is to build security testing into your development process. There are new tools that can be used to help achieve and automate it across the development lifecycle. For runtime application security (RASP), software security products like Contrast Security run within your application in production and can help identify and prevent security issues in real time.

Matt Watson at Stackify acknowledges Contrast as a new product that can be used to help achieve and automate security throughout the development lifecycle.

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Mark Hodgson, Vice President of Marketing

Mark Hodgson, Vice President of Marketing

Mark's extensive experience spans over 28 years in marketing high-tech products and services to consumers and corporations. Specific area of expertise is application security and mobile application security.