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Grant Ongers

Grant Ongers (@rewtd) is co-founder of the bearded trio called Secure Delivery focused on optimal delivery and security in one dynamic package. Grant's experience spans Development: building platforms for telcos, MSPs, and financial services firms for more than 10 years. He also has over 20 years of experience in Operations, running operational teams in global NOCs to managing mainframe and database systems. On the Security side of the business, Grant has over 30 years pushing the limits—mostly white hat. He’s done time on both sides of the TPSA table, working for and with regulated organizations to ensure compliance and match “appetite for” with “acceptance of” risk. Grant is involved in numerous organizations: staff at BSides, Goon at DEF CON, DC2721 cofounder, staff at BlackHat, and OWASP global board member.

Application Security Testing (AST) Tools After Hours

Do you ever wonder how effective application security (AppSec) testing really is? Or which approach is best? Understanding the differences between static, dynamic, and interactive testing can be challenging. A simple way to explain the differences..

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