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David Archer

David is a Senior Sales Engineer at Contrast Security, helping customers adopt modern application security approaches that scale. David started his career as a software engineer and progressed to lead agile development teams, driving modern development processes. Prior to Contrast, David was a technical consultant, assisting customers accelerate their app development processes with innovative tooling. With his expertise uniquely bridging both consulting and technical capacities, David is sympathetic to the challenges of modern secure web development and an expert in tools and techniques that make life easier for DevOps teams

Real-time Remediation Support Helps Developers Write Better Code

ByDavid Archer July 7, 2021

Learning From Our Software Development Mistakes

Like anyone else, I hate making mistakes. When I do, I usually feel that I could have avoided it by learning more about the subject or maybe by asking for help. Good intentions aside, however, the..

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