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How to Develop More Secure Software & the 2018 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards

The subject of security in the area of software development is an important one, as there are a number of different challenges that developers face while trying to develop more secure software. Steve Feldman, our Vice President of Engineering, was..

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CONTRAST LABS: January 2018 AppSec Threat Intelligence Report

ByContrast Labs February 6, 2018

Contrast Labs' analysis of real world application attack data from January 2018.


  • In January, overall application attack volume just about doubled. Once again this month there were no applications or APIs that were not attacked.
  • Once..
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Contrast Protect + WAF = Full Application Security Monitoring

WAFs have Key Limitations

We consistently hear growing frustrations from customers about their WAF implementations and have made a commitment as a software security company to help them address those limitations, whether they continue using their..

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Get the Most Out of Your WAF Investment while Stopping the Next Struts 2 Attack

WAF + ASM: Full Protection for Your Running Application

Contrast built and marketed Contrast Protect as a “WAF killer;” a better, more accurate and scalable way to protect your web applications in production. However, our customers told us something..

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New Cloud Security Integrations, Cool Data Analysis and an Article in Forbes

2018 is "out of the gates" and off to a heck of a start. We hit the trifecta with the following three activities...starting with some new integrations!

Our development team has great things planned for both Contrast Asses and Protect with an..

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CONTRAST LABS: December AppSec Threat Intelligence Report

Contrast Labs' analysis of real world application attack data from December 2017.


  • December was a huge month for application layer attacks, with large increases in every category of attack except Padding Oracle. Overall, we saw a 5x..
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CONTRAST LABS: November AppSec Threat Intelligence Report

ByContrast Labs December 27, 2017

Contrast Labs analysis of real world attack data from November.


  • Overall attack traffic was down in November from our highs in August. Once again this month, virtually every application/API was attacked, and some were continuously..
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Jeff Williams, Contrast CTO: Security Predictions for 2018

Security Predictions for 2018

The world of software is changing quickly at all of our clients. As we look across tens of thousands of applications and a wealth of vulnerability and attack data, some clear trends emerge. We continue to believe..

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Open Source Software (OSS) is the Turbo Charger of Innovation

Software is at the heart of Digital Transformation, and organizations are using software more than ever for economic and productivity purposes in order to transform the way they run their business – to address customer needs, for better customer..

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Join Us On December 12th – OWASP Bay Area MeetUp

BAY AREA OWASP MEETUP | Tuesday, Dec. 12th, 6:30-9:00 PM

Application security professionals are invited to attend the upcoming OWASP Meetup, December 12th at the Contrast Headquarters in beautiful downtown Los Altos. Join in the merriment as you..

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