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Interview: Adam Shostack, Program Manager at Microsoft

Thanks everyone for joining us on The Security Influencers Channel. We're hosting brief and highly informative interviews with influential security leaders. Today, I'm thrilled to have Adam Shostack with us. Adam is a technologist, entrepreneur,..

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Interview: Josh Corman, CTO of Sonatype

Thanks everyone for joining us on The Security Influencers Channel. We're hosting brief and highly informative interviews with influential security leaders. Today we're joined by my friend, Josh Corman. Josh is currently the CTO at Sonatype. He's..

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Interview: Nancy Zayed, CTO at MagicCube

In this interview, we host brief and highly informative interviews with influential security leaders. Today we're joined by Nancy Zayed. Nancy is founder and Chief Technology Officer at MagicCube, a digital commerce security startup. 

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Interview: Bill Brenner, Senior Program Manager at Akamai

For this interview, we're joined by Bill Brenner. He's the Senior Program Manager for Editorial in the Information Security Group at Akamai. Prior to that, he was the managing editor for CSO Online and CSO Magazine. According to Bill, he fights..

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Interview: Patrick Peterson, CEO & Founder of Agari

In this interview, we have with us Patrick Peterson. He's the CEO and Founder of Agari, a cloud-based solution providing visibility and controls to secure the email channel. Agari is the culmination of years of innovation, customer feedback and..

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Interview: John Johnson, Global Security Strategist & Domain Architect for John Deere

For this interview, I'm pleased to welcome Dr. John Johnson, who is the global security strategist and domain architect for John Deere. John has been responsible for architecting solutions that have been critical to maintaining global network..

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Interview: Andrew Jaquith, CTO & SVP of Cloud Strategy at Silver Sky

 In this interview, I sit down with Andrew Jaquith. Andrew's the CTO and SVP of Cloud Strategy at Silver Sky. At SilverSky, Andrew helps guide strategy, serves as chief spokesperson and works with customers, analysts and the press to advance the..

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Application Security Vulnerabilities Interview with Michele Chubirka

Today we're talking with Michele Chubirka. Michele has over 15 years experience in design, engineering and architecture of enterprise application and network security solutions, including maintenance and administration of multiple vendor..

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Interview: Kevin Peterson, Senior Manager of Risk at McKesson

For this interview, we have with us Kevin Peterson. He's a Senior Manager of Risk at McKesson's Enterprise Information Solutions line of business. Kevin's got 20 years of experience and he spans, I think, just about every role in security that..

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Interview: Mike Murray, Director of Cyber Security at GE Healthcare

So today, we have with us Mike Murray. He's the director of Cyber Security Assessment and Consulting at GE Healthcare. Prior to GE, Mike spent 15 years working from companies across all range - startups that built security products, consulting..

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