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Interview: Jeff Schilling, Chief Security Officer at FireHost

Today we're talking with Jeff Schilling. Jeff is the Chief Security Officer at FireHost, and prior to that, he was a director of the global Incident Response practice for Dell SecureWorks. Colonel Schilling retired from the U.S. Army, where in..

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Interview: Troy Hunt, Architect at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals

Today, I'm pleased to have Troy Hunt with us. Troy has been building web applications in the finance, media and healthcare industries since the early days of the web in the mid '90s. Based out of Sydney Australia, he now works as an architect for..

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Interview: Samy Kamkar, Security & Privacy Researcher

Today, we're talking with my good friend, Samy Kamkar. Samy is a security and privacy researcher, computer hacker, whistleblower, entrepreneur. At the age of 17, he co-founded Fonality. It's a unified communications company which ended up raising..

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Interview: Neil Matatall, Security Engineer at Twitter

In today's interview, I have the pleasure of talking with my friend, Neil Matatall, who is a security engineer at Twitter. He also runs the OWASP Orange County chapter, and he was the organizer of the hugely successful AppSec California..

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Interview: John Howie, COO at the Cloud Security Alliance

In today's interview, I have the pleasure of talking to John Howie. John is the Chief Operating Officer at the Cloud Security Alliance. John has over 20 years of experience in information and communications technology in a variety of industry..

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Interview: Brian Chess, SVP of Infrastructure & Security at NetSuite

In today's interview, I have the pleasure of talking to Brian Chess. Brian is the Senior Vice President of Infrastructure and Security Engineering at NetSuite and is formerly the Founder and Chief Scientist of Fortify, which was acquired by HP...

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Interview: John Jack, Former CEO at Fortify Software

For this interview, I have the pleasure of talking to John Jack. John is the former CEO at Fortify Software, now part of HP Enterprise Security, and he also is or has been a member of the board at several security companies including Cenzic,..

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Interview: Nick Galbreath, CTO of Signal Sciences

In today's interview, I have the pleasure of catching up with Nick Galbreath. Nick is CTO and Founder of Signal Sciences, a new company focusing on web application defense and security monitoring. Over the last 20 years, Nick has held leadership..

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Interview: Gene Kim, Former CTO of Tripwire

In this interview, we have the pleasure of talking with Gene Kim. Gene is a multiple award winning CTO, researcher and author. He was founder and CTO of Tripwire for 13 years. He has written three books, including "The Visible Ops Handbook" and "..

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Interview: Bradley Schaufenbuel, Director of IS at Midland States Bank

In this interview, we're talking with Bradley Schaufenbuel. Brad is currently the Director of Information Security at Midland States Bank and held security leadership positions at many leading financial institutions.  

Bradley is the author of..

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