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Katharine Watson, Data Analytics

Katharine brings a wide range of analyst experience to Contrast. She has a history of devouring large data sets to discover knowledge and produce compelling narratives for a wide range of audiences. She is focused on using data to help tell Contrast’s story. Before joining the Contrast team, Katharine worked as an analyst, consultant, and project manager in both the private and non-profit sectors.

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July 2019 AppSec Intelligence Report: Attack Edition

July 2019 AppSec Intelligence Report: Attack Edition

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June 2019 AppSec Intelligence Report: Attack Edition

What is this report: This report summarizes Contrast Labs' analysis of real world application attack data from June 2019. It utilizes data from attacks that Contrast observed over the previous months and highlights the key trends found. 

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How do teams stay afloat in an ocean of vulnerabilities? They remediate faster (3.0x FASTER!)

As a developer, working through your team's bug backlog can sometimes feel like bailing out a rowboat with only a leaky bucket. As a security leader, working through the backlog for your entire application portfolio can feel like bailing out a..

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