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It may seem simple to ensure your security verification efforts get good coverage. But since the dawn of the OWASP Top Ten in 2003, vendors, consultants, managers, and CISOs have been reporting their appsec coverage in a disorganized, inaccurate, and often wildly optimistic way.

Nobody in application security wants to touch this taboo topic.

For many application security vendors, “coverage” is the third rail —but perhaps the most critical part of your application security strategy.

So, what is your Application Security Coverage?

“Coverage” is a deceptively complex concept, but in this Technical Brief, we break down the different dimensions of application security coverage in the following ways:

  • Portfolio Coverage
  • Security Coverage
  • Code Coverage
  • Continuous Coverage
Our recommendations can help you build an application security program that allows you to understand and improve coverage, instead of just measuring the size of your pile of vulnerabilities.